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Pizza Stuffed Chicken!

As I prep for my Bali getaway in 3 weeks, I’m cutting back slightly on the weekly cheat meals so I can rock my bikini with pride and confidence! Naturally, I’m missing my pizza fix so I decided to find an alternative! I made pizza stuffed chicken last night and let me tell you, it totally did the job. I was super satisfied!

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My Go-to (Healthy) Chocolate Chip Cookies

Whenever my sweet tooth gets the best of me, I turn to clean baking. If I had the time and resources, I would open my own healthy restaurant & bakery! I enjoy creating so much! I just love experimenting and making (traditionally) unhealthy foods, healthy! When it comes to baking, for me, it’s all about trial and error. After many attempts, here is my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe. Great if you have a sweet tooth.

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