Finding The Time: Quick & Easy Breakfast Options


If you're one of those people that don't eat breakfast because you're too busy in the mornings, this post may be helpful for you! All too often I hear excuses from my clients as to why they don't eat breakfast, and I think it's time I address the importance of this meal and share some quick ways to get it in!

Note: This post is not geared towards those who have adopted an intermittent fasting lifestyle - I'll have a blog post for you down the road :)

Why eat breakfast? 

Let's start off with the importance of breakfast. Over the last century (and beyond) studies have proven that breakfast is crucial to cognitive function. When you "break your overnight fast" (i.e. eat breakfast), glucose levels are restored allowing for the brain to function at optimal levels. Countless studies have proven that breakfast improves memory and concentration, decreases stress levels, increases productivity, and enhances physical performance. 

From a health perspective, thousands of studies also prove that breakfast is crucial to weight loss. More importantly, breakfast has also been linked to the prevention of diabetes and heart disease. 

I could go on and on about why breakfast is important, but the purpose of this piece is to share how easy it can be to get it in! It's time we ditch the excuses and start making you and your health a priority.

You are a priority

I repeat....

You are a priority!

It's so imperative you adopt this mentality and devote the time necessary to give your body the kickstart it so deserves. If we were to calculate the amount of time and energy we give others throughout the day (family, friends, work etc) I'm sure it would total a ridiculous number of hours. So as you start your day, reevaluate your priorities and give yourself, and your body, much needed time for nourishment.   

My Breakfast Staples

I'd like to show you, practically, just how easy it is to get a wholesome breakfast in. All 5 options below take less than 10 minutes of prep time in the mornings! 

1. Cereal

Lately, I've been kicking it old school with a bowl of cereal and almond milk to start my day. I ensure the cereal is just oats, grains, and nuts (i.e. granola or muesli). I then top it with a fruit, chia/flax seeds, and unsweetened almond milk.

Because I train during the day, I carb-up at breakfast big time. It gives me the energy I need for optimal performance. Starting my day off with cereal has increased my energy levels tremendously.

Prep Time: 2 minutes


2. Eggs

Eggs are so versatile. If I go to sleep at a decent hour and can spare some extra time in the morning, I'll definitely try to have eggs for breakfast - coupled with complex carbs. 

OPTION: Egg Sandwiches are easy to prep and you can eat during your commute. The one pictured below was made with an Ezekial english muffin (toasted).

OPTION: Omelettes are a great way to get your veggies in. You can pair with complex carbs such as: fruits, healthy bread, or healthy pancakes (which can be prepared the night before).

Prep time (for both): 8 minutes

OPTION: Egg Muffins are a great option if you are low on time in the mornings and they're really simple to make. To prepare, you just add your favourite veggies to the mix, seasoning, and a protein if you'd like. Then, bake in a muffin tin for 20-30 minutes. Refrigerate and simply re-heat in the morning as you get ready for your day. Great to also eat on the go!

Initial Prep Time: 40 minutes

Morning Prep Time (to reheat): 5 minutes

3. Smoothies

Smoothies are another easy and versatile way to get your nutrients in! If you are in a rush, prep your smoothie ingredients in ziplock bags the night before and freeze them. That way, you can simply throw them in the blender before you head out in the morning. I like my smoothies to be a good blend of veggies (70%), protein (20%), and fruits (10%).

Initial Prep Time (to bag ingredients): 20 minutes

Morning Prep Time (to blend): 5 minutes

Smoothie Bowls are the latest trend and totally worth getting up a little earlier to prepare. You basically take the base as a smoothie, and top it with your favourite ingredients. If you prep the toppings the night before, simply adding it to the smoothie takes no time and is tasty AF. 

Initial Prep Time (to bag ingredients): 20 minutes

Morning Prep Time (to blend and add toppings): 10 minutes

4. Fruit Salad

A fruit salad can easily be prepped the night before and consumed in the morning. While I don't think fruit alone is substantial for breakfast, you can easily add healthy fats to the mix (i.e. nuts/avo) to make it a very nutrient filled meal. I would even suggest increasing your fibre by adding chia, hemp, and/or ground flax seeds to the mix.

If this is the option you choose, I would just caution to limit your sugar intake for the rest of the day.

Initial Prep Time (to prep salad ingredients): 10 minutes

Morning Prep Time: 5 minutes

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 2.08.52 PM.png

5. Leftovers

Why be conventional? If the purpose of breakfast is to solely to get a nutrient packed meal in, then why not have leftovers from the night before if you have no other choice? Society has trained us to have "traditional" meals for breakfast, but my logic: just consume something.

When I was in the corporate world (and time was truly sparse), if I didn't have time to prep anything the night before (and cereal wasn't an option) I would just heat up leftovers. There's always food in my fridge, so I would just ensure I got something in my system. Even if that meant it was a traditional "dinner" or "lunch" meal. Not ideal, but did the job!

Morning Prep Time: 5 minutes

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 3.16.44 PM.png

Generally speaking, breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. I'm a firm believer, after years of research, that it's the meal that should be packed with most calories, carbs, and micronutrients. You'll see above, that it really is easy for us to get it in, we just have a hard time making it a priority.  Hopefully this post serves as a reminder that it's very feasible, it's crucial to your health and productivity, and most importantly - you deserve it. 

Much Love xx