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Blood Clots: It's Time We Discuss!

In this month’s feature I am so honoured and grateful to share the survival story of one of my best friends. Rondette overcame a scary encounter with blood clots that traveled to her lungs resulting in a week in the hospital. We are so thankful she lives on to share her story and is gracious enough to share her experience, causes, symptoms, and tips on how to avoid it!

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Priorities of a Mother of 5: Thriving in Travel, Health, and Life!

Every now and again I come across a client that blows me away with their drive, commitment and determination towards a sustainable healthy lifestyle. That was the case with Andie. Andie and I worked together for a few months and what I witnessed often left me speechless. She was so committed to building a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family - I was in awe of every conversation we had. And the most endearing part, she's a mother of 5. You heard me... 5! All between the ages of 7-12.

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My 2 Week Reset: The Details

As I've mentioned in previous posts, one of my big goals this year is to provide tangible and practical advice on how I live a healthy sustainable life. So this quick post details my latest mini transformation!

December and January were busy. If you include layovers, I was in 5 time zones and 6 countries. My internal system was a hot mess! So when I got back to Bali I committed to focusing solely on my health and prioritizing it above all.

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How I Turned a New Years Resolution (11 Years Ago) Into a 90 Pound Weight Loss Success Story & Practical Tips to Help get you Started

2018 marks the 11th year of my 90-pound weight loss success story! I think it’s important I share this because many of you will be embarking on your own weight loss journey in 2018.Many don’t know, but my weight loss was a result of a New Year’s resolution set 11 years ago. Back in January 2007, I decided it was finally time to take control of my health. After many unsuccessful attempts, I hopped on the bandwagon (yet again) with nothing but hope.

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It's time we discuss food as an ADDICTION (and tips on how I manage)

Now I'm not referring to the person who indulges every "once in a while" and easily has constraint and discipline. I'm talking to the person who constantly struggles with overeating to the point where it becomes a serious mental battle. You know who you are, and I'm speaking to you.

It wasn't until I addressed my negative relationship with food that I was able to understand that I in fact have an addiction, and struggle with it every day. The hardest part is, my "drug of choice" is necessary for survival. My "drug of choice" is easily accessible, legal, and cheap. My "drug of choice" is a silent killer and has likely taken more lives than any other substance out there. 

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5 tips on how I balance partying with a healthy lifestyle

If you follow me on Snap Chat/IG stories, you might remember me stirring up a bit of controversy this past summer. I (angrily) addressed some party shamers who eluted to the fact that because I'm a health nut, I shouldn't be out nearly as often as I was. Needless to say, I was pissed! However, I took that annoying instance as an opportunity to help share how I juggle living a healthy lifestyle and partying!

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The Results From Going Vegan for a Month & My New Lifestyle!

Back in June I went Vegan for the month! My intention was to simply try it out. I had no expectations, but I was keen to see what the effects would be on my body - especially while training heavily. Well, needless to say it was an amazing journey that I am excited to write about! Let me detail the month for you - week by week - and then share my plans for my diet moving forward! If you're keen to get on your own Vegan journey - you may find this helpful.

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