The Whole30 – My Approach!


I always say I’ll try everything at least once – So I’m putting that to test by finally giving The Whole30 a try! For those that don’t know, it’s a popular diet plan that millions have tried and continuously praise! Given I’m back in North America for the summer, I figure I’d hop on the band wagon for the month of June as it will be easier to follow!

I encourage you to join me! I’ll be posting on Instagram and Facebook regularly with my daily habits, weekly updates, and overall feelings about the plan!! Follow and post to the hashtag #TameikaGWhole30 if you'd like to join me on this journey! I'd love to see your progress! Read below to understand my high-level approach to this!

I’m not using this to lose weight and wouldn’t encourage you to do that either.

First, My Why

It’s no secret I love a good challenge. I use them primarily as a way to reset my mind. While I’m not huge on fad diets for the long term, I find them fun to follow for short periods of time (provided they don't impact me negatively).

Because of my hectic travel schedule, I often get lost in new cuisines, intense cravings, new time zones, and new experiences. So, in an effort to keep my healthy lifestyle afloat, every now and again I do something that forces me to focus and get my health back on track!

That’s my why. I’m not using this to lose weight and wouldn’t encourage you to do that either. Let’s use this as a reset - to hopefully kickstart some healthy and consistent living long term!

If I can’t pronounce, I won’t eat it. 

I will say though, the Whole30 is meant to help clear skin issues, which I’ve been struggling with lately, so Im looking forward to that!

The Rules…

It’s a pretty strict plan. You basically cut out dairy, sugar, alcohol, legumes, soy, processed food, and grains.

You can eat the following:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Veggies
  • Fruits
  • Fats (i.e. oils, avo, seeds)
  • Coffee (must be black)
  • Nuts and Seeds (no peanuts!)

And my general rule of thumb for everything I buy packaged - if I can't pronounce, I won't eat it. 

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Time to Get Creative

So, I’m sure some meals will be boring AF (i.e. simple protein and vegetables) - especially at the onset as I'm NOT prepared. However, as the days and weeks progress, I plan to get very creative in the kitchen. A few fun recipes I found that I intend to try include the following (links embedded)

… Just to name a few.

 Image from

Image from

I'll also get really creative and make some of my own original recipes that I'll be sure to post on my social media channels! I'm already thinking of recipes for pancakes, salad dressings, shepherd's pie, curry chicken, and chilli!

I should also mention, I’ll be ignoring one rule of the Whole30 - which suggests against making fun “ingredient approved” treats in an effort to really change bad habits. I don’t fully agree with this approach, so I won’t follow it LOL. I plan to get extremely creative with the ingredients allowed so I don’t feel miserable! I'm also OBSESSED with creating new recipes in the kitchen - which is one of the elements I'm most excited about. Will I be having treats every day? No! I’ll still follow my 80/20 rule!

The best way to keep up to date with how I’m doing is to follow along on IG! And I also recommend Pintrest for fun recipe ideas!!

Beginners Grocery List

This is great beginner's list I designed as we enter this process!

Green Simple Grocery Checklist.jpg


Day 1 - The Photos

I have to stress that I’m not looking to use this as a way to lose weight… however, I think it’s cool to see how my body responds to certain diets/meals plans. So here’s the official “before” and I’ll share the after with you in 30 days!

*Excuse the poor quality, still adjusting to my new space and haven't unpacked anything (including my camera equipment).

The Challenges

I foresee a few. One specifically - The Cravings! They will come. I love me a piece of chocolate every now and then and my weekly treats. So I really do plan on getting creative so I don't feel completely deprived. 

I also have a weekend getaway this month with my mom and aunt (who pulled out of joining me on the Whole30 a day before we were to begin LOL). So that should be challenging but I simply intend to pack a lot of my own food. When we go out to eat, I'll just order plain, grilled poultry/fish with veggies. 

I'll be eating out a lot this month as I'm back home for the summer and plan to meet with many friends. So my overall dining out approach will be simple.

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There you have it! I’m really excited to get the focus back to where it matters most – my health! For those curious, I intend to continue training 4 days per week, and getting a min of 10K steps in every day! I also plan to get in at least 3 litres of water in daily! I'm also setting intention to NOT SLIP UP.

Looking forward to having you join! Be sure to follow along and add the #TameikaGWhole30 hashtag if you’re joining me!!