How I Turned a New Years Resolution (11 Years Ago) Into a 90 Pound Weight Loss Success Story & Practical Tips to Help get you Started

2006 at 225lbs [VS] 2 weeks ago at 135lbs

2006 at 225lbs [VS] 2 weeks ago at 135lbs

2018 marks the 11th year of my 90-pound weight loss success story! I think it’s important I share this because many of you will be embarking on your own weight loss journey in 2018.

Many don’t know, but my weight loss was a result of a New Year’s resolution set 11 years ago. Back in January 2007, I decided it was finally time to take control of my health. After many unsuccessful attempts, I hopped on the bandwagon (yet again) with nothing but hope.

Hope that I had the strength to finally see this through

Hope that I wouldn’t let my food addiction and emotional eating take over again

Hope that the people in my life would believe me, support me, and see me through this - despite the fact that I was beginning to sound like a broken record

Hope that I could finally be happy and comfortable in my own skin

And Hope that after (what felt like) a hundred failed attempts, this would be the time

Looking back at where I was then, and where I am today, I am so happy I tried again and never lost hope.

When you’ve been overweight long enough, it’s normal to think extreme weight loss isn’t in the cards for you. You begin to think that if you’ve failed 100 times before, the 101st time will inevitably yield the same results. You come to terms with the fact that you’ll just “always be overweight,” as it’s all you’ve known.

I’m here today to tell you to not give up. Dust the memories of the past attempts off your shoulders, pick yourself up, and confidently step back on that band wagon.

I have a special place in my heart for people entering their journey in January as I was there… and it feels like yesterday. I want to encourage you to utilize this special time of year! It’s filled with the perfect blend of reflection, hope, and momentum.


I am so happy I tried again and never lost hope.

2006 at 220lbs

Start with your Mind: Reflective questions to ask yourself

One of the reasons I was able to finally conquer this journey back in January 2007 was due to my mental state. I began to reflect a lot. I didn’t only begin to eat healthy and workout, but I ensured my focus was truly aligned and centred around my Mind, Body, and Spirit.

It wasn’t until I got my mind right and filled my soul with deeper purpose, was I able to finally appreciate and sustain the efforts placed on my body. As you approach the New Year/New You, here are some reflective questions I encourage you to ask yourselft:

  1. If you think back to the X amount of times you’ve approached this journey in the past, what are the patterns you see that have prevented your success, and why will this time be different?

  2. We all know health is important, but what is your WHY for entering this journey? Make it deep, and meaningful - beyond aesthetics. Make it unique and personal to you and your journey.

  3. What does success truly look like? I encourage you to stay away from the numbers on the scale or the measuring tape and paint a picture of success in a more meaningful way.

  4. In January 2019, when you are your healthiest self, how will this impact other areas of your life positively? Be specific and detail what the best version of you will mean for yourself & for others.

  5. Who can you turn to when the going gets tough this year? Build a tribe, a support system, or a plan for when things get difficult with this journey. Approach these people now and let them know of your journey. Be open, honest, and vulnerable with them.

Getting your mind in a state that is truly ready for this journey is just so important, and I encourage you to take the time necessary for appropriate reflection.


I’m here today to tell you to not give up.

Tips to Help on your Journey

Here are some additional tips that have helped me along the way with my journey:

  • Document this process in 2 ways. First, find a way to document how you are feeling. This could be in a journal, in a video log, or public on social media. Whatever it is, have an outlet. And start today with the reflection questions listed above. Second, document your progress. I recommend pictures first, measurements second, and the scale third (prioritize it in that order).

  • Build a tribe, a support system, or some outlet you can have for when things get tough. Be aware that January brings exciting times, but the road is long and things will get difficult. Put the pieces in place now to deal with it when the time comes

  • Take a course in nutrition! The internet is filled with information, many of it being false. Invest in yourself and take a course so you can be knowledgeable on how to best treat your body. If time is scarce, find a reputable organization and take one online!

  • Find activities you enjoy. If you are not a gym person, don’t force it. Join a sport, a running club, or anything that you can commit to and caters to your specific interests.

Give Back

My most important tip deserves a paragraph on its own. Plan a way to give back while on this journey. If while you are getting healthy, you are volunteering your time in a similar and meaningful capacity, it will have that much more impact on you - long term.

Some examples of how you can give back:

  • get active with children in need

  • coach a sport

  • start a weight loss support group

  • start a running or fitness group

  • walk with the elderly

  • volunteer at marathons or similar events

  • get certified in personal training or group fitness to help others (this was my approach)

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
— Gandhi

If you can dedicate your time in the form of helping others (in health), your purpose with this journey will become that much richer and meaningful. You’ll inevitably want to be your healthiest self so you can continue to contribute.

If you’re just starting your journey, you're likely feeling an array of emotions. Looking back, I remember feeling a mix of excitement, fear, and hope. So, I pray you take the narrative above to dig deep. Channel how your feeling, reflect, and make this time different.

Here’s to 2018! All the best to accomplishing your goals!