From Heels to Kicks: Top 10 tips on how I manage to stay healthy while juggling a 9-5!

Between the the demands of my day job, my side business, a dedicated healthy lifestyle, my family & friends, social activities, and travel, I often find life overwhelming to say the least! However, I have been successful at juggling everything while keeping this lifestyle afloat for 9 years - so I must be doing something right! Let me share with you my top 10 tips on how I personally manage it all!

Tip #1 - Plan Plan Plan

Seems obvious right? But how many of us actually set aside time to plan our week and ensure we incorporate health? It seems like a daunting task, but I promise you it is so worth it. Every Sunday evening, I get out my agenda (I’m a paper and pen gal) and I plan. I plan how I’m going to juggle it all while still keeping me and my health as the primary focus. I schedule in time for A) exercise B) meal prep C) my business D) trashy TV and E) social activities (in that order).

Tip #2 - Saying No!

If you have FOMO, this might be hard. Over the years, I have been the Queen of No (in the most polite way, of course.) Friends don’t raise an eyebrow if I decline an invite because “I have to workout,” or “I’m focusing on my business tonight.” As far as I know, people respect me for being true to myself and what makes me happy. Those that give you slack, are likely envious you have the willpower to stick to your guns. My friends and family that love me are understanding of what’s important. Any “friend” that isn’t, doesn’t get to hang. Period.

Tip #3 - Catch some Zzzz’s

I aim to get in bed by 11pm -  I can’t do this every night, but most nights I can. This allows me to get up at a decent hour (with energy) to hopefully get to the gym, prepare breakfast, and pack a lunch.

Tip #4 - Simplify … Everything

As much as I’d love to make fancy new dishes each week,  most weeks it’s not practical. So I stick to basic meals that I can make in bulk, that are tasty, and that I know are quick. When I have time, I definitely experiment. Same goes for my workouts! I stick with what I know. On weekends when there is more time, I change it up.

Tip #5 - Utilize that lunch hour!

This has been my biggest win. I often use my lunch to get in a workout. Obviously time is limited, so it is usually a quick cardio session or I work a muscle group that doesn't require much time  (i.e. triceps, abs, or chest). In the past, I’ve actually switched gyms, just to get one close to my work so I could optimize my time there. I used to be a workhorse and work through lunch… that was before I came to my senses.

Tip #6 - Food Delivery Services

There are so many companies that will deliver groceries or even meals to your door step! On weeks when I just can’t fit it all in, I don’t just throw in the towel, I order my meals! Several of the meal prep services out there will even meet your preferred macros. While it comes at a premium, if it’s important, you can find the money to make it work.

Tip #7 - Have Quick and Healthy Foods on Deck

There may be select days where you simply don’t have the time to cook and meal delivery isn’t an option. On those days I opt for packaged or frozen solutions. I always have something on deck in my freezer or pantry that I’ve picked up at my local health food store. This includes All Natural: Protein, Protein Bars, Frozen Meals, Canned Soup, or Cereals to name a few. Things that take minutes to prepare. I do love fresh food, but when the going gets tough, I need my quick solutions. We are so lucky to live in a time where we have all natural options available to us - I take full advantage!

Tip #8 - Time Blocking

This is more of a time management tip, but Time Blocking has literally saved me over the years - especially as of late. From when I get up to when I lay my head to rest - every hour is scheduled. I don’t particularly enjoy living my life this way, however, I am just so busy juggling everything these days it’s the only way I can ensure I keep my health a priority!

Tip #9 -  Work from home!

It’s 2016… if your company doesn’t have a workplace flexibility program in place then it may be time to work for a company that does. My employer does a great job with this and most of the good ones do too. When you work from home, you can use your commuting time to workout, buy groceries, or cook! I work from home 2 days per week and it has helped me loads!

Tip #10 - Optimize the time in the gym

If I’m strapped for time, I perform exercises that allow me to burn the most amount calories in the shortest amount of time (i.e. HIIT). If I’m weight training, I’ll do compound movements or incorporate supersets. There are loads of ways to make your workout more efficient, just requires a bit of research. I refuse to not go to the gym because “I don’t have enough time.” I simply make the time I have work! No excuses.

I hope this helps!! My goal was to provide you with practical advice for your day to day to better improve your health journey!