My Top Tips to Avoiding Loose Skin

90lbs lost, no loose skin... #Winning!

90lbs lost, no loose skin... #Winning!

This is probably my most frequently asked question! How to deal with the feared and dreaded LOOSE SKIN!! I'm constantly asked how I've managed to lose 90lbs and avoid it.

Well I can vividly remember early on in my journey doing a lot of research around loose skin and how to avoid it. I was fairly successful! While I still have cellulite, stretch marks, and areas on my body that are looser than others, I am comfortable and happy with my results.

I will start off by saying that unfortunately, there are some uncontrollable factors when it comes to loose skin. Some people lose a lot of weight and avoid loose skin without even trying, while others work extremely hard and are still faced with their inevitable. Three known factors that we have no control over include A) Genetics (which contributes to our skin elasticity), B) Age (where as you get older, your skin naturally loses elasticity), and C) How Much Weight you have to lose (the more weight you lose, the harder loose skin is to avoid.)

However, I’m a firm believer of doing whatever you can to avoid it at all costs. There are preventable measures! So, here are my Top 4 tips to keep in mind when aiming to avoid loose skin throughout your journey!

1. Avoid Rapid Weight loss

It’s tempting to want to lose weight as quickly as possible, perhaps doing one of those quick-fix diets like cutting carbs completely.  Although they may do the trick (fyi -  I do not condone quick fix diets!), I have to warn you, this does not give the skin time to adjust to the weight loss. Gradually losing weight will allow the skin time to tighten naturally. My plan of attack was consistent 2-3 pounds per week. For me, and all I’ve helped, this has worked. Slow and steady wins the race in this area.

2. Well Balanced Diet with Adequate Macronutrients/Micronutrients:

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I am all about the inward/out theory. What you consume has THE BIGGEST impact on your outer appearance. So here are some nutrients you can keep in your diet to increase your chances at avoiding loose skin.

a)     Fruits and Vegetables rich in antioxidants – such as berries and leafy green vegetables.

b)     Healthy Fats – such as salmon, avocados, nuts. This keeps the skin lubricated and pliable.

c)      Lean Protein – such as Chicken Breast or Turkey. This is arguably the most important for skin elasticity.

With this in mind, I ensured my intake for these specific foods were at the right level for me and adjusted throughout my journey.

3. Stay Hydrated!

You need water in your life! Not only is it great for 1,586,359 reasons, but it is also one of the most important components to keeping the elasticity in your skin tight. Point Blank – you’ll hear me say it thousands of times. Get more water in your regimen.

4. Weight Lifting

I, like most, thought cardio was my only solution at the beginning. After the first 20 lbs or so (or two months), I completely changed my mindset and began strength training. Treated it as 50/50 at first, then slowly upped my strength training and lessened my cardio as my weight decreased. Increasing your muscle mass undoubtedly helps in loose skin avoidance.

There you have it! I followed this, all equally, and was able to avoid loose skin almost completely! I kept this top of mind throughout my journey and did not waiver.

I need to end with a PSA. Yes, we all want to look a certain way. I get it. But, please avoid looking at other's stories and comparing yourself to them (including me). You are unique, one of 7.125 billion people on earth, to be exact. Your body will naturally react the way that it’s meant to. EveryBODY is different. So yes, do what you can to increase your chances of avoiding loose skin, but regardless of how you look, we are on a journey to being healthy – and THIS is what matters most.

Wishing you much success!

**Disclaimer:  Please be reminded, I am NOT a doctor, so these are suggestions based on experience with my clients and myself.