Workout Videos

Weekly workouts and tutorials for you!


Here's a challenging core circuit for you to try!

1) Ab Roll Outs

2) In and Outs

3) Cable Crunches

4) Plank Raises

5) Russian Twists

I challenge you to do 10 reps with each exercise, and repeat this circuit 5x! Sure to make you burn!


Band workout for Upper body

A Full upper body band workout for you!!! It’s no secret I live out of a suitcase! So while I aim to find gyms all around the world, there’s the odd time when I just can’t get to one. So, I pack a band as a back up solution #teamnoexcuses


My 10 Favourite Ab Exercises!

(Level: Beginner to Intermediate)

Here we have a 10 minute core routine that'll surely make you burn. All you need is: a mat, a dumbbell/medicine ball, a stability ball.

Workout is 1 min (for Intermediate), or 30 seconds (for beginners) of the following, back to back.

1. Stability Ball Hand Off 2. Medicine Ball Russian Twists 3. Stability Ball Knee Tucks 4. Medicine Ball Wide Leg Sit Ups 5. Bicycle Crunches 6. Mountain Climbers 7. Standard Plank 8. Lying Knee Tuck w/ Crunch 9. Leg Raises 10. Plank Jacks


HIIT Cardio

Hey Guys! No equipment, no problem!

Here is a fun little HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout you can do. I did each exercises for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. Once the mini-circuit was finished, I’d take a sip of water and repeat!

I did this for 30 minutes - at the beginning it seems easy... but then the burn kicks in! And it hurts oh so good! Enjoy!!! ❤️


At Home workout

This is a workout you can do with only the things you have in your living room: Furniture and your body!