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You can do it!


“Hands down, the best fitness experience I have had in my life! I started gaining weight at the age of 15 and at that time I did not have the right information on how to lose weight. To educate myself I purchased numerous magazines and went on a ridiculous amount of websites to find different ways to change my eating habits. Unfortunately, nothing stuck and eventually I would feel hungry, give into my cravings and be back at square one. By the time I reached 19 I was 40-50 pounds over weight. This time I started to turn to diet pills and was going to the gym religiously and doing workout videos, but still, my eating habits hadn’t changed. I was going back and forth with different dieting styles but nothing seemed to stop my weight gain.

"She inspired and proved to me that consistency is key when losing weight."

-Lashona Mitchell, 2016

Before I started working with Tameika, I found out about her two years prior when I was 21. At that time, she was willing to take me on as a client but I made an excuse about being to busy with school and didn’t get in touch with her again until April of 2016. By this time, I had reached 212 pounds and was devastated! I didn’t know what to do and felt hopeless. My experiences in the past made me believe that in order to lose weight I had to do a ridiculous amount of cardio and eat super bland food. Sounds super appealing right? That definitely did not motivate me to want to work towards me goals. I knew what I wanted but the path was not appealing at all!

As Caribbean, I love me some flavour in my food! Tameika, is a Jaimacan girl, like me, from Canada. Let me start by saying the food options she gave me, were so flavourful and I NEVER had a craving. I literally remember asking my boyfriend and Tameika, what is this witch craft!?!? Like what is going on? How am I so satisfied with my food choices as well as my workouts without feeling like I’m missing something. From the salads, to green smoothies to main dishes, everything was so delicious! I never thought that I couldn’t lose 10 pounds in one month, I never thought that I could eat healthy and feel full at the end of a healthy meal, I never thought that I would love to go to the gym everyday and truly believe that I could lose the weight. She inspired and proved to me that consistency is key when losing weight and that it is okay to ask for help when you are stuck!

I am so thankful for Tameika’s help and for her coming into my life. I’m not where I want to be now, but from the things Tameika has taught me, I feel like I can finally see me goal. I’m honestly, so excited for the day when I can show her my “final” after photo! (I say final with quotes because I understand that maintaining my weight is very important too :)).

If you are thinking about working with Tameika, don’t even think about it. JUST DO IT! I guarantee your life will be changed and you will never regret it, never! Just take the chance and watch your life change.”

— Lashonda Mitchell, 2016


“I am so happy I decided to change my life and email Tameika. I joined the December challenge and my mind and body have been renewed. Tameika’s sweet spirit inspired me to keep pushing and I’m so happy with the results. I’m not where I want to be but I know with Tameika’s support and hard work I’ll meet my goal.

Tameika you’re amazing. Keep being the inspiration that you are.”

— Temeka Franklin, December 2016


“It’s crazy to be at the end of the final week of my online plan. Where did all that time go? I’m sooo happy I got to be in this with you, Tameika. I struggle to find the words, I really do. I had lost myself in a rough patch and this journey brought me back :) I start 2017 feeling great, in balance, and STRONGER than ever!!! Couldn’t be happier.. :) Thank you!”

— Bodil Mattsin, December 2016


“When joining Tameika G’s meal/fitness plan...prepare for hard work! Your dedication to the program will equal the results that you desire. I started the program in October 2016 losing 9lbs at the end and still counting. Tameika will give you the tools and support that you need but you have to be mentally prepared to do what it takes to become a better you. Good luck on your journey to a new YOU!”

— Manisha Valentin, October 2016


“I decided to stick with your program and I have lost over 15 pounds and have learned a new healthy way of eating. You rock!!!”

— Lashandia Willis, June 2016


“Thank you for everything you’ve provided me with the past 2 months…serious game changer for me! My skin is seriously glowing (acne is basically GONE), inches are disappearing, clothing is loose (wooo!), bloating is GONE, back/shoulders have some serious shape and thighs are solid! I cannot thank you enough. I’m not afraid to be at the weight racks at the gym (or in any area of the gym for that matter), in fact I challenge myself to lift heavier each day (let’s face it, if you’re beside me in that mirror, we’re competing, lol!)…THANK YOU!”

— Candice Dixon, May 2016


“Tameika made all the difference in helping me move toward my personal health and fitness goals. Her plans are on point and she is always available to help you with any questions or to give you the little push you need to stay motivated! She rocks!”

— Monica Lasaga, April 2016


"...Regardless of my set back I am more motivated than ever to continue this journey!"

-Michelle Fernandes, January 2016

“My name is Michelle and I’ve been on and off the “losing weight band wagon” for years. When I first started my journey in 2012/2013 I stumbled across Tameka’s Instagram and have been following her ever since where she became such an inspiration to me. Fast forward to 2016, I needed a push as I lost my motivation due to recovering from a surgery in 2015 and put back on even more weight than before –that’s when I finally got the guts to reach out to the one person I knew would understand my journey….Tameika!

I sent her an email and within hours (because she half way across the world in HK) she replied and needless to say I became her client for January 2016. I train on my own so I got her package for nutrition since this was my struggle. I LOVE FOOD (who doesn’t?)!!!! As I have been following her for years, I knew her meal plans wouldn’t be the boring foods –I knew she’d give me something fun and tasty like the bun-less burgers (my fav!!!) 

Needless to say, Tameika was there for me day and night….LITERALLY!!!! I ended up getting sick (flu season) which wiped me out for a bit and she still checked in on me to ensure mentally I didn’t stray off track. We used “WHATSAPP” to communicate on a regular and I can’t tell you enough how much of a help it was to me. I am able to say that I can continue on this journey following the tips I was given from Tameika regardless of my set back I am more motivated than ever to continue this journey!”

— Michelle Fernandes, January 2016


“Tameika’s program surpasses any online program I have come across. Tameika is compassionate and no non sense at the same time! I thank her for her availability night and day and devoting herself personally to me for an entire month! As situations changed during my journey she was there to modify my workouts and suggest alternate food options, even though she provided a detailed meal/workout plan from the start! I will continue my journey fully equipped with what I need to continue! Thanks Tameika!!”

— Chanta Solomon, January 2016


"She is by far the absolute best trainer I have ever had and I couldn’t be happier to recommend her to everyone!"

-Becca Comas, January 2016

“I recently had the opportunity to participate in Tameika’s 30 day challenge. It was the best thing I could have done. I was hesitant joining a 30 day challenge after previous experiences. From prior experience with an online personal trainer I was eating nothing but steamed veggies, chicken breast, and brown rice and was working out 2 hours in the gym which I didnt have time for. From the moment I received Tameika’s questionnaire packet I knew I had made the right decision. She is the most thorough person I have ever met! To start off her meal plan is completely tailored to you and I never once felt deprived of any types of foods. Everything I loved was included on the plan. She even gives you a cheat meal a week and a glass of wine a week! The workouts were completely customized and I loved them! I have a very busy schedule as do a lot of people and I was in and out of the gym within one hour drenched in sweat! Her communication is really where she went above and beyond. I wanted to do this program for the extra motivation I was missing in my everyday work outs and eating habits. Everyday she checked in on me and was available whenever I needed her! It was absolutely incredible. She was always so uplifting and motivating it was really inspiring! We had gone through a lot of the same struggles and experiences which helped even more! She is by far the absolute best trainer I have ever had and I couldn’t be happier to recommend her to everyone! I was so thankful to be apart of her group and couldn’t be happier with my weight loss! She teaches you how to live a clean healthy lifestyle in a realistic way which was unlike anything I’ve experienced before!”

— Becca Comas, January 2016


“I am so happy with the outcome of this whole process, not only did I lose weight but I lost inches and gained a whole new healthy life style of fitness and eating eating habits. This is only the beginning of more progress, and I’ve had so many people throughout the whole process telling me how much thinner I look. So that’s how I know even more that your plan was effective. I never thought that I could be someone who enjoyed going to the gym or that I could lose weight so I am so grateful to you for helping me develop the foundation to my new life! Thank you so much Tameika, from the bottom of my heart.”

— Rochelle Simmons, November 2015


“I had tried many different things to lose weight and keep the weight off but I had never tried a personal trainer so when I saw her posting for clients in my area, I jumped on it. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made! During our intense workouts, All I ever said was, “This is crazy!” and “Who does this?” or “I can’t do this.” All Tameika ever said was, “You CAN do this!” and “ and “You WILL do this!” The workouts go beyond just the physical activity with Tameika. Her motivation and knowledge base instills a lifestyle that becomes undenyable with REAL results! I lost 15 pounds, 5% body fat and about 5 inches off my waist! I have two kids and my problem area had always been my waistline but not anymore, thanks to Tameika! Working out is no longer a chore, eating clean is enjoyable and I have so much energy! Tameika changed my life!”

— Ebony James, August 2014


"Working out is no longer a chore, eating clean is enjoyable and I have so much energy! "

-Carla Garbutt, August 2013

“After many years of yo-yoing diets and attempts to workout I saw little to no permanent changes. I wanted to change my lifestyle but didn’t know how to go about it in a direction that was right for me. Tameika has shown and provided me with so much knowledge about nutrition and physical activity. From a personalized meal plan to a customized workout schedule that was constantly pushing my body to all limits, was able to get me headed to my goal weight. Not only have I never felt better but I have physically done things I never thought my body could do (such as running 5 km). Tameika dedicated her time and shared her love for a healthy lifestyle with me and I will forever be grateful! Tameika is an inspiration and a bright light through the tunnel of weight-loss!”

— Carla Garbutt, august 2013


“I have always been the skinny girl, I never really had to worry about my weight; I was a dancer who could eat what she wanted and work it off with each dance class. That was only true up until the age of 25, when things started to slow down and the “I can eat anything diet” started to catch up with me. I had gained about 12-15 unwanted pounds without knowing it (concealed in an already full chest, and what I thought was muscle). It was after a trip to Jamaica; seeing those pictures of my rather full cheeks, noticing I had to suck in when I never had to suck in before, that I knew it was time to take action. Over the course of 7 weeks, I was given Tameika’s plan tailored to my eating habits and workout plan to my habits. It was the guidance I needed! I followed a strict eating schedule, had foods I was allowed I eat and quantities attached with it. I increased my workouts zeroing in on my focus areas. All in all, She was so great to work with (despite the fact that she’s my best friend lol), so supportive but super tough on me when she needed to be. But it’s because of her lifestyle change plan that I have stayed slightly under my goal weight since working with her back in 2012!!”

— Amena Adeghe, August 2012