About Tameikag

By day, I am a Human Resources Professional and take sincere pride in my work. However, my purpose lies with helping and inspiring others. This is what I am destined for. 

With this in mind, I decided to take the successes I’ve learned from losing 90lbs and become a Certified Personal Trainer. As a trainer, I have helped over 220 clients, both in person and online, lose a cumulative total of over 2000lbs.

I also have a natural zest for life. I yearn for growth and discovery. So much so, that I moved half way across the world! In 2014 I left everything I knew and loved in Toronto, Canada and packed my bags to Hong Kong. Since then, I have traveled and seen so much. I am literally, forever changed. 

Continuing with my purpose, I am now on a journey to show as many people as I can that anything, and I mean anything, is possible. In my 30 years on earth, I have accomplished quite a lot and I am ready to share my experiences with anyone that will listen. Whether you want to tackle obesity, live a whole and fulfilled life, move abroad and see the world, or gain financial freedom – I’m the girl to give you at least a bit of insight as to how I’ve done it. 

And… I’m just getting started!