The Whole Experience

Your Journey to Health... One Country at a Time

The Whole Experience is a traveling health retreat dedicated to helping women create a sustainable healthy lifestyle while building community and exploring beautiful parts of the world. Our goal is to create a safe space where women can learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle focusing on the Mind, Body, and Spirit. To learn more about upcoming retreats read below or visit our site!

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Travel. Empower. Develop.

This idea was birthed out of my love for travel and health and wellness. I want to focus on strengthening you physically, mentally, and spiritually whilst fueling your soul with an experience of a lifetime. You see, as perpetual travelers, my co-founder and I have redefined healthy. We recognize that we are our healthiest selves when we are physically and mentally strong while experiencing the beauty of the world. We want the same for others. Through all of this, The Whole Experience was born. We are fully committed to making our retreats your trip of a lifetime.

This concept has been proven successful based on past retreats where women have raved about how retreats have left them energized, empowered, inspired, and eager to make healthy changes in their everyday lives. View our testimonials here!

To give back to the wonderful communities that we visit, 3-5% of proceeds from each retreat will be invested in local,

community- based initiatives! 

the details

The ultimate goal with the Whole Experience is to visit as many new places as possible. To see our upcoming retreats, click here. However, regardless of the country, at every Whole Experience you can expect:

  • Bootcamps led by TameikaG

  • Yoga and Guided Meditation led by Whitney Gee

  • Seminars on how to incorporate Yoga, Mindfulness, Healthy Diet, and Exercise into your daily life

  • 3 Healthy Vegetarian Meals every day

  • Cultural Experiences

  • Rest and Relaxation

  • Sisterhood and Community - You will become a part of The Whole Tribe

*Additional Activities will depend on each country we visit! But our goal is to maximize your time and experience in every country we visit!



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