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My mission in life is to help others achieve the success I have found on my journey. As a trainer, I have helped over 450 clients lose a cumulative total 4000+ lbs. I’d love to show you that this lifestyle is absolutely possible. Details of my plans can be found below! In addition to the plans below, I also offer tremendous accountability methods through Online Coaching. This includes:

  • Weekly facetime conversations
  • Weekly motivational emails
  • Instant messaging (as often as you need)
  • Weekly logs that you must fill out. These logs assess your weight and measurement progress as well as your daily food intake and exercise habits!

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Plans below start every Monday and last a total of 4 weeks. The deadline to sign up for the upcoming group is Thursday.

 Renewal options are also available.


1. Meal Plan, Fitness Plan, and Online Coaching

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$125 USD - This is really your best solution. The combination plan has proven to be the most successful and achieves the best results. The average client loses up to 10lbs a month whilst on this plan as it takes the holistic approach to this journey. To see details on each of the plans, continue to read below! For anyone that wants to see serious results and have my dedicated support, my suggestion is for you to take on this plan!


2. Meal Plan and Online Coaching


$75 USD - My online meal plans are customized to cater to your taste buds. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or gluten intolerant, they are designed to meet your dietary restrictions while still including your favourite foods! Gone are the days where you have to eat salads every day to see success – my plans include pizza, pasta, burgers, and fries (and much more)! I’m here to show you that you can still have it all, and be healthy!


3. Fitness Plan and Online Coaching

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$75 USD - My fitness plans are customized to suit your lifestyle. Whether you can be active 3 or 5 days per week, or want to work out at home or at the gym, these plans are guaranteed to see results. If you suffer from injuries or have any limitations, my plans can also cater to your needs. I’m a firm believer in strength training, so my programs include highly efficient weighted workouts that will help you see the best results in the shortest amount of time! My goal is to help you build the ideal body you want while on this journey!


4. Online Coaching & Accountability

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$50 USD - This plan is best suited for previous clients who have already signed up with me and have a plan in place, but need added accountability.  This takes a look at your current plan, offers minor suggestions, and helps you to stay on track. In this plan, I hold you accountable through weekly facetime conversations, weekly motivational emails, instant messaging, and weekly logs that you must fill out and share with me (that assess progress/tracks your daily meals).


Unsure about which plan works for you? Contact me for a free consultation.