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3 Continents, 15 Countries, and 30+ Cities - My 2017 Travel Year in Review

It’s no secret - my passion for travel runs deep. I aim to get out and explore somewhere new at least once per month. It brings me a level of joy I didn’t know possible. This year, I was fortunate to visit 3 continents, 15 countries, and over 30 cities/towns. I thought it might be helpful if I share a summary of the countries I visited throughout the year!

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The Results From Going Vegan for a Month & My New Lifestyle!

Back in June I went Vegan for the month! My intention was to simply try it out. I had no expectations, but I was keen to see what the effects would be on my body - especially while training heavily. Well, needless to say it was an amazing journey that I am excited to write about! Let me detail the month for you - week by week - and then share my plans for my diet moving forward! If you're keen to get on your own Vegan journey - you may find this helpful.

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